We don’t record all of our talks, but when we do … you’ll see them here!

August 2017: The Dangers of Naturopathy

A short interview with Britt Marie Hermes 

February 2017: Why the public has come to fear modern agricultural technology

with Vance Crowe

October 2016: Pod Awful: An Evening of Scathing Atheism and Cognitive Dissonance

with Tom, Cecil, Noah, Heath & Eli

April 2012: Ten Quite Interesting Things About Intelligence Test Scores

with Prof. Ian Deary

Dec 2011: The Gay Blood Ban

Blood Donor Selection in Relation to Sexual Behavior

with Dr. Harpreet Kohli

Jan 2012: Can Prison Work?

Current Issues in Historical Perspective

with Professor Richard Sparks

Nov 2011: SpeedScience – How Chemists Trick You

with Craig Rossborough

Sep 2011: The Science of Porn

with Stuart Ritchie

Sep 2011: Evolution and Global Warming Denialism

with Eugenie Scott

Sep 2011: Eugenie Scott – Question and Answer Session

June 2011:The Pharyngula

Or, How ontogeny and phylogeny have been tangled from von Baer to evo-devo, with awkward detours to Haeckel and creationism.

with PZ Myers

June 2011: PZ Myers – Question and Answer Session

Sep 2011: Bad News

How PR Came to Rule Modern Journalism

with Michael Marshall