Glasgow Skeptics Clairvoyant Challenge 2017

Calling all Clairvoyants!

Email us to get involved:

  • Do you have the power to see into the future?
  • Would you like to demonstrate your powers, and silence the Skeptics?
  • … then give us your predictions for 2017!

We received a number of predictions for 2016, but unfortunately nothing that proved to be accurate enough to indicate there might be any supernatural powers at work.

Because of this we’re casting the net wider and calling on all Psychics in Scotland, and further afield, to give us their 2017 predictions. We’ll publish them on our website and revisit them at the end of the year

We will accept general predictions (although they must be specific enough to be able to make a yes/no judgment), or you could provide answers to our general questions below:

  1. Which country will have the biggest earthquake?
  2. Which country will suffer the largest terrorist incident?
  3. Name a celebrity that will pass away.
  4. Name a company which will go out of business.
  5. Who will win the English FA cup?
  6. Which artist will have the biggest song in the UK?
  7. Which UK location will experience the warmest temperature?
  8. Name a UK politician who will resign.
  9. Which television programme will have the highest viewing figures in the UK?
  10. What will be President Trump’s highest approval rating?

See below for more notes on these questions

To submit your predictions, please email:

Additional notes on our questions

  1. As per
  2. By death toll. Wikipedia tracks terrorist incidents on a monthly basis.
  3. Please try to avoid celebrities over the age of 70, or ones already known to have a significant health problem.
  4. Preferably a well known company, but not necessarily. Please try to avoid companies that are already well known to be ‘in serious trouble’.
  5. We selected the English FA cup because the Scottish game has a very limited pool of potential winners.
  6. As per
  7. As per
  8. Preferably someone prominent, but not necessarily. As long as it makes the (national) papers.
  9. For a single broadcast.
  10. To within 2%. As per

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