The Skeptics in the Pub Organiser Workshop will be back as usual at QED this year, but we’re doing things a little differently and we’d like to hear from YOU- even if can’t make it to the conference.

This year’s workshop will be run by Brian Eggo of Glasgow Skeptics, who would like to build as accurate a picture as possible about how many active SITP groups are out there, and gather some information about how you run your operations.

To do this we’d like to invite a representative from each SITP group to complete a survey. The data we gather from it will form the basis of how we approach the workshop at QED.

For those who are going to be there, we’ll tailor the session based on your survey input, and discuss the topics that you want to cover. We’ll certainly have the opportunity to discuss best practices, and perhaps amuse ourselves with some of the highs and lows we’ve encountered with what can be rewarding and thankless in equal measure.

If you would like more information or assistance, please contact Brian Eggo:

Also, if you’re not already a member of the SITP Organiser Group on Facebook, we’d recommend you join and get involved with the conversations there.